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I’m always excited to hear from companies and services looking to gain more exposure. As an experienced web analyst, I’m adequate enough to share my thoughts, opinions and feedbacks from your E-businesses.

By working with me, you’ll gain access to my list of email subscribers, along with an active social media following and a growing audience.

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I spend time to review every products I’m blogging and I know that my reviews are honest, balanced and relevant to my content and audience. Unfortunately, I only accept review items on which that is not loan because I often refer/photograph the item in the future on Instagram – something I can’t do if it’s been returned.


I don’t charge a fee to review an item, providing it’s something of value to my audience.


Sponsored Posts


I accept a limited number of sponsored posts and only ones that I feel are of relevance to my readers. If you would like to submit a sponsored post then please email me at



I am happy to run competitions on my blog and I do not charge companies for this providing a duplicate of the prize is given as compensation. Please contact me with details of any competitions you would like to run.


I look forward to hearing from you and welcome to Jenny disCOvers