10 Essential Items Nursing Moms need to buy

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You might be clueless on which products to purchase as a new mom for nursing your baby so I put a list which I personally bought and used to share it with you!
Knowing exactly what you need to buy for your new baby is crucial — both to save money, and just so you know what the bare necessities are that you’ll need to get your newborn and you through the first few months of breastfeeding.

Here’s the list and the direct link of the products I’ve purchased:

1. Nursing Bra

during this time your breast is tender and you might be experiencing breast engorgement and investing to a good nursing bra is a must as poor fitting bra might lead you to have Mastitis. I’ve tried checking out stores like Target and Walmart and every nursing bra I’ve seen in stores are quite expensive unlike these nursing bras I’ve found in amazon! I got al three in black and I’m super happy as it is really good quality! Ake sure to buy one size larger than your noral breast size.

2. Nipple Cream

I suggest applying nipple cream every after feeding to prevent your nipples from getting more cracked and sore. I’ve tried Lanolin by Medela but find it expensive so I bought this motherlove nipple cream instead and it works great for me!

3. LactaMed Simplicity Hands free bra kit

Some moms would buy the hands-free pumping bra but I think it is such a waste of money to purchase a bra with holes on it! I suggest you to just take your old sport bra and just cut a hole on it to fit in your breast pump but I think this bra kit is life changing as I can literally wear this underneath my nursing bra and every time I need to pump all I must do is place my breast pump and secured it tightly.

4. Double Electric Breast pump

Electric breast pump is a game changer! You can nurse your baby in your other breast while pumping on the other. If you haven’t gotten one yet, then check my post about how to get yours for free!

5. nipple shells

During the first few weeks of nursing my baby I have suffered to nipple soreness which hinders me to even wear clothes as it hurts if anything will touch my nipples so when I found out about this nipple shells it was a relief! I just put these underneath my nursing bra and when my breast will leak it holds the milk too and it didn’t make my bra wet but you need to make sure to dump the milk once it is full.

6. nursing pads

this is essential once you need to go out and you are afraid to make your shirt wet. I suggest you to wear printed shirts as well to cover up the wet spots if incase.

7. Milkies Milk-Saver Breast Milk Collector Storage

I personally recommend this if you leak so much and don’t want to waste the milk. This catches your milk and you can store it afterwards.

8. Breastmilk storage bags

If you plan on going back to work or wanted to be apart from your baby in awhile the best way to store those milk is in this storage bags as it is easy to use and very hygienic as well. Only thing is you shouldn’t reuse the bags as you don’t want to contaminate your bag with bacteria from the previous milk you’ve stored.

9. Nursing cover

This will save you money as this can be used as a nursing cover or a car seat canopy where you can bring with you anywhere you go.

10. Nursing pillow

If you find it hard to have your baby in a right position during feeding time, then this nursing pillow will surely help you. As for me, regular pillows also help but I need to stack them up so I can get the best position for me and my baby. I’ve tried a lot of nursing pillow and I think this is the best one!

Hope this list will serve as your guide in purchasing your essential nursing products! 🙂 I would love to answer your questions if you have any! feel free to comment down below!