How to get FREE Stuff for your BABY!

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First, I want to say congratulations to you and your baby! Welcome to motherhood! As you know having a baby requires so much attention and baby products can add up quickly and start draining your bank account!

That’s why when I found these amazing stores which offer free welcome kit for your baby when you register for a baby registry, I knew I had to share it with everybody including you!

Here’s the list of stores which you can score for a baby welcome kit!

1.       Target- you need to register online for your baby registry and pick up the welcome kit at the guest service in the store. You need to provide the email address you used for registering for them to check and then they will hand you the bag of free stuff.
here’s what I got


2.       Babies R Us- Go to your nearest Babies r Us and go to baby registry and signup for free! They will ask you to fill out some forms and will give you rewards card too then you can even start scanning items you want to put in your registry but if you just want the bag then tell them you’ll come back some other time for that or you’ll do it online then they’ll give you the welcome baby bag!


3.       Buy Buy Baby- Go online and register for a baby registry, after the E-mail confirmation go to their store and pick up you baby welcome gift!


4.       Amazon- you need to be a prime member then make a baby registry, complete the checklist and purchase worth $10 product in your registry.



In my own opinion, the best baby gift bag I’ve received is from Target! So, hurry and check your nearest Target stores to get some stuff for your babies for free 😉