How to get Skype Credit for free!- Enjoy free calls anywhere in the world

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How to get Skype Credit for free


I have found out that you can win awesome rewards  using Microsoft Edge when surfing the net! Yes, sounds too good to be true but I’ve tried it and I would like to share it with you guys. I’ve included screenshots for easier instruction.

Here’s to show you how I got Skype credits for free!

1.       When using Bing search Engine in Microsoft Edge you can earn points where you can use to redeem some awards.

Be sure to install Bing search engine and set as your default, log in to your microsoft account and start searching randomly using the bing search.

Tip: Click the medal icon to view the current bonus questions where you can earn an instant 50 points or more!

Within 3 days I was able to reach 995 Points!



2.       Sign in your Microsoft account then click redeem


3.     Click confirm order


4.      Provide a valid phone number


5.       Check your E-mail after 30 minutes


other rewards you can get:


Go and Search now and thank me later