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I was given a chance to participate this trial event for aspiring chefs and I was pleased to be able to learn so much from this experience.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve always been wanted to learn how to cook. You know when you’re a ‘lil girl and your mom will always blunt things out to you that “Hey you need to learn how to cook well for your future husband so he won’t leave you.” Well, that sounds a bit sexist to me but hey I think we all know this cliché phrase goes “the way through your man’s heart is through his stomach.” so since then I’ve had this motivation to learn how to cook well but my hectic schedule in school and dancing pretty much didn’t allow me to take any culinary class.

So here goes my first culinary class experience.

Was it fun? Totally YES!

Will I continue? HELL YES!!!! But I need to find time for this HA~

To receive an invitation from the Manila Culinary and Hospital Academy (MCHA) was such overwhelming for me as for the first time in my life I will be able to learn techniques in the kitchen that I think all girls should know 😉

We had a lecture for 45 min before proceeding to the demo part.

It was led by Chef Myrna Palma whom I recalled to be such a sweet and humble woman! I would love to learn from her! She presented the methods for cooking and we were also had the chance to raise some questions out of our curiosity and she was also able to profoundly explain to us the differences of such techniques and methods. She even asked us what we wanted to cook for that day and all of us just gave this “whatever you want face” so it ended up by her asking us to cook Chicken Cordon Bleu.


She first assigned groups to us so all of us so we can save some time preparing for the dish.

I was assigned in the cutting group where we individually needs to cut those veggies in a very nice way.

I didn’t know cutting veggies is an art! It was difficult for me at first because I’m not used to cutting veggies to make it look presentable but I guess I nailed it!

See pictures below:

It was indeed a very good experience for me and I do appreciate the staffs, chefs and even the owner of the MCHA for giving us unforgettable cooking class!

I would like to invite you to check out their Facebook page as they have just posted their upcoming courses.

Manila Culinary & Hospitality Academy

663 J. Wright St. Brgy. Batis, San Juan