Soban K-Town Grill -New KBBQ with a twist in EASTWOOD

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EASTWOOD– a newly opened Korean restaurant has got you covered with all your favorite Korean dish with a twist.

Living and working here in Eastwood City gives me a lot of advantage to try all the restaurants with such an ease so when I heard that a Korean grill restaurant will open soon I was just so excited as I’m craving for  really good Korean kbbq.

As what the owners have mentioned, Soban K-Town Grill a concept mostly been inspired by Korean communities in the United States.
This restaurant is located at the second floor of Eastwood Mall in Quezon City. Interiors are nice and look appealing to the people.
I’ve been here a lot of times already as it is always my thing to eat a lot of meat. So I wanted to share to you what I order here most of the time!
For a heads up, Soban K-Town dishes consist mainly with pork and chicken dishes.
So here are my favorite dishes from Soban:

  1. “Grill It Yourself Pork Sets” (starts at P315 for 90 grams, with unlimited rice, salad, soup and egg roll appetizer) you can choose from six flavors – Original, Fruity, Chili Bean, Soy Garlic, Doenjang (fermented soybean paste) and Wine.

  1. Dak Galbi also gets a slight tweak at Soban K-Town Grill. The Dak Galbi set (starts at P310 for 90 grams, with unlimited rice, salad, soup and egg roll appetizer) comes in three variants – Fruity, Spicy and Doenjang.


  1. Japchae (P195) and the Korilog (P135) to Ramyeon (P135).

  1. “Sung’s Picks” – are the tacos and burritos, an interesting way to have your Korean food with a twist of Mexican elements.


  1. Coffee Prince (P120) is my favorite dessert there as this sweet treat consists of soft graham, red beans and homemade coffee ice cream.

I think Soban K-Town Grill really stands out among other Korean restaurants in Metro Manila. The food, service and experience you can have by checking this place out is all worth it. After a good dinner you can also enjoy their wide selections of cocktail drinks! 9/10 for me indeed!

will definitely pay this restaurant another visit soon!

Soban K-Town Grill is located on the 2nd floor of Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City, Quezon City. Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for more details.


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Borough Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Have you ever been depressed or stressed out and craving for a bit of comfort and the first thing that pops into your head is comfort food? Well, I have encountered such scenarios and it led me to discover this place I described as “HOMEY” and what cool about this place?  It is open for 24/7! yeah

Let me astonish you with this profound or cliché Euphemism: “HOMEY” to let you understand why I chose this word. I can say this word is a bit of catch call for comfort food but it is commonly used for the cheap eats. You know, when you or anybody in your house can make that themselves. Easy huh?

So this homey vibe recipes of this restaurant is what I like the most aside from the chill hippy atmosphere inside and the really friendly-good-looking Chef Cuit Kaufman in-house!

Let me give you some reviews of the menu they have served to us for the QUIZ night event for bloggers happened last Jul 25, 2016 in BOROUGH, Known for A chill and laid-back spot that is open 24/7 to serve good comfort food.


 Note that Recipes are NYC inspired.

  1. chocolate chicken wings 280.00
  • For the adventurous. Baked wings coated in Cocoa and Cinnamon. Served with Cilantro Sour Cream.

I guess this what made me smile! Simply because I love chocolate and cinnamon in the first place. It tasted far from what you are expecting of overload sweet-cinnamonish texture. I did taste the cinnamon flavor more than the cocoa but later on, it would tastes as if it got over toasted. 3/5

  1. buffalo chicken wings 360.00
  • Classic Hot and spicy wings originally from Buffalo, New York, Served with real blue cheese dip.

The spiciness is tolerable but it is not something I would crave long after my visit but it is definitely worth a try! 4/5

  1. Fries in a basket 150.00
  • A whole basket of fries. Served with Borough’s ‘Odessa sauce’

Quite normal fries for me but the Odessa sauce got me munching for more! 3/5

  1. Haystack onion rings 180.00
  • Piled high, served with BBQ sauce and Sour Cream Dip. 2/5

I think this is a bit tiny strips of onion rings and I didn’t really enjoy it much.

  1. Popcorn calamari 290.00


  • Popcorn-crusted Fried squid tossed with extra popcorn for good measure. Served with Clarified cheese butter. 3/5

I love the buttered sauce paired with this popcorn and it surprised me that the bite-sized calamari they have included tasted great however, it is a bit small size for me and quite a bit expensive for a popcorn.

  1. Hummus 130.00
  • Blended chickpeas mixed with extra virgin olive oil and garnished with paprika. Served with homemade Pita bread. with veggie sticks

this is worth a try if you are a fan of Hummus and good for sharing for 5-8 people. 4/5


I also had the chance to taste one their bestsellers:

Mom’s Milk and Cookies 220.00

  • Chewy fresh-baked cookies in assorted flavors. Served with a pitcher of cold milk (The Chef’s special blend).

I love the chewy texture of the cookie tasted like fresh from the oven! And the milk is good too! 5/5


check them in: