why he is successful and I’m not?

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I’m currently hooked up with the book entitled ” Outliers” because I heard someone said that it could somehow change how you view success. After reading few chapters I can say that the author really knows what he is talking about! He presented his ideas sequentially which will allow you to grasp his thoughts with much intensity. Every page will make you think about something you’ve never realized before. I know that some point in your life you asked yourself this question: Why life is so unfair? and after asking it you just left hanging with thoughts like; Am I doing what’s right for me? Am I in the right track? How am I supposed to change the course of my life? Who should I blame? What am I supposed to do now?

In his book, I’ve written my favourite part that he stated which goes like this “…the tallest oak in the tree is the tallest not just because it grew from the hardest acorn, it is the tallest because no trees blocked its sunlight.” page 20

In my opinion successful people are success because of these reasons:

1. They have resources

– Money is power, if you have it you can be anything you want. with money comes knowledge, with knowledge comes experience and with experience comes wisdom. Wisdom is the powerful thing you must gain to be able to attain the things you dreamed of. If you really want something in life you have to work hard to gather what you need and smartly use what you have.

2. No one can stop them

– Driven people are not easy to fool, they are solid in their decisions which will allow them to become undefeated. If there is an opportunity that knocks in they are the ones who immediately come in and take the role.

3. right timing

– there are many opportunities in life, sometimes the people who see it first are the ones who always get the most of everything. Just imagine the formula of success is preparation + right timing x opportunity= SUCCESS

4. great networks

– surround yourself with the right people that will help you to where you want to go. positive people will pushed you to your limit and will be so direct that sometime will just caught you off guard. YES, people who speak nice things to you most of the time are the people who don’t want to see you grow and learn from your mistakes.

5. They have goals

– when traveling from your goal try to remember how the light travels. Light passes through some materials but not through others which means that when you are moving forward to your goals make sure you are clearly true with yourself on what you really want in life because light cannot pass through opaque materials.It’s better to travel in a straight line where you can see the light  than go with different directions and end in nowhere.