US VISA Interview Questions

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These are commonly asked questions during USA visitor visa interview that I’ve encountered personally and my friends who experienced a US visa interview in the Philippines for B2 visa too.

Q: Why are you going to the US?

A: To visit my relatives/friends or for tourism purposes

Q: Have you been to the U.S. before?

A: Yes, or No. (The officer can check to confirm this answer.)

Q: Have you been outside Philippines before?

A: Yes, or No

Q: Where was the last country you’ve visited?

A: Japan (be sure to bring your Japan’s visa and passport for proof)

Q: Do you have relatives in the US? If yes, who?

A: Yes, or No. “My aunt/uncle lives there.” If you have other relatives in the U.S. mention them. (Do not give details of other relatives unless they ask)

Q: Who is going to sponsor your visit?

A: My aunt/uncle

Q: Where will you stay in the US?

A:  Los Angeles, CA (only give complete address if asked so memorize the address. It should correspond to the one on your visa application.)

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: “I’m an architect for name of company.” (Memorize the designation and name of company. Show proof of employment and other employment-related papers if asked)

Q: How much do you earn?

A: I earn 40,000 pesos each month. (Bring financial documents to support your answers. Answer must correspond with the amount given in the visa application)

Q: Will your wife/husband accompany you on your trip?

A: Give the true Answer. “Yes, my wife/husband will accompany me.”

Q: Why are you traveling alone? OR Why isn’t your husband/wife accompanying you?

A: My wife/husband is unable to get leave to go to the U.S.

Q: When do you plan to travel?

A: “We plan to travel in name of month.”

Q: Why do you want to travel at that time?

A: “I arranged for leave from work during that period.” Or “It is my friend’s wedding day at that time” Give true answers and make sure you are aware of what is good to see at the time of your visit.

Q: What are you going to do in the US?

A: “We are going to travel/visit the interesting places there like: (give some names of famous tourist spots) Disneyland, Niagara Falls, Washington D.C, Las Vegas and spend time with some of our relatives/friends there. (Make sure this answer corresponds with the answer for the previous question)

Q: What is the purpose of your trip?

A: For vacation/wedding/tourism purposes.

Q: Have you blocked your tickets?

A: “Yes, we have.”

Q: Do you have return air tickets, medical insurance etc.

A: We/I will arrange for that after our/my visa is approved.”

Q: How much expense do you expect from this trip?

A: My relative/friend will be sponsoring this visit.”

Q: Is this your first visit to US?

A: Give the true answer Yes or No. (The consulate can check to confirm your answer, tell the truth. If you have visited U.S. before, be prepared to answer questions about your previous visits)

Q: What places do you want to visit?

A: “We want to visit give names of interesting and famous U.S. tourist attractions like Disneyland, Las Vegas, Niagara Falls, Washington D.C etc.”

Q: How long will you stay in the US?

A: “We want to stay for number of months, for example six in the U.S.”

Q: What is the guarantee that you will come back?

A: “I have family and property here in Philippines, so I will definitely come back.” Give all the reasons. If you have other children and grandchildren in Philippines definitely mention that.

If you have a job or run a business, mention it. (Have papers (property; financial) to prove it.)

Q: If you run a business, you may be asked: Who will look after your business in your absence?

A: “I have arranged for ____person to take care of my business in my absence” OR “My partner will take care of it.”

Q: Will you work in the US?

A: “No, I am going for tourism and sightseeing. I have no intentions or reasons to work in the U.S.”


Tip: Be sure you give truthful answers and consistent answers based from your visa application as all of your answers will be check thoroughly by the consulate to prove accuracy and consistency.

Good luck and let me know your experience by commenting on the comment box below!

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