Top 5 AMAZON Must-have Beauty Box $15-$5 below!

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Isn’t it awesome that you get a range of different things in the box?  They cater to a segment of the market that other beauty boxes don’t. I’ve actually used every single thing from these boxes so I’m sharing these awesome Amazon beauty box deal I’ve got for as low as 5 bucks!

1 . Amazon Beauty Box

Treat yourself by trying out sample products in skincare, beauty , hair care, oral care and more!
I personally love this one as Amazon gives wide variety of samples which you would love and purchase in the future! They give out good size of sample products too! I’ve received my box and I’ve always been happy about it!

2. Allure May Sample Society kit

What I love about this kit is that it gives you products in good amount of size and the products they usually include are the bestseller ones and you would personally love using all of them! I was a bit skeptical at first about purchasing this kit but when I received mine it was worth the money!

3. Crest 3D White 1 Hour Express Whitestrip Sample Kit, ($4.99 credit with purchase on select Crest products)

The main thing I love about this kit is the whitening strip! I though it wouldn’t work at first but when I’ve tried it I noticed some whitening on my teeth immediately which is weird for me at first but then it really works! See for yourself! Only less than $5!

This Kit is so handy! This kit includes- The Secret to Flawless Foundation – 2 Clear Makeup Applicator Sponges – 1 Black, Latex Free, Teardrop Shaped Blending Sponge I always use these items during my makeup session and to be honest these products are in a high quality! I love it and I want to share it with you!

5. Mr. Olympia Sample Box

I’ve tried this sample box and what I love about it is that it offers sports nutrition products that are healthy for you! I guess if you want to feel beautiful then you can start within! They offer good sample sizes for their products and flavors are good as well! I usually have this box on the go with me during my gym sesh!


Have you received your box? if yes, comment your feedbacks below!